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Financial Strategies for a Successful Retirement

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Prepare for Retirement

Preparing for retirement may be the single, most important financial challenge you face today!

Over the past few years, many people have had to postpone retirement. Changes in the economy, the demise of traditional pensions, higher healthcare costs, and eroding purchasing power – even the overall affordability of retirement – are factors that are driving people to work harder and longer.

Financial Knowledge

The Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement course focuses on concepts and strategies to help you spend your retirement comfortably and in control of your finances. Topics range from managing cash flow and taxes to reducing the risk of losing money in a market downturn, protecting your assets from high healthcare costs, to generating income in retirement.

Who Should Attend

Whether you are nearing retirement, already retired, or accumulating money for retirement, you can benefit from a wealth of real-world information and financial strategies. The course material is relevant to anyone – regardless of income, occupation, or age. 

Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement has been conducted in colleges and universities throughout the United States since the 1990s and continues to be one of the most comprehensive financial seminars available to adults.

Take charge of your finances and learn ways to help:

  • ZMake your dollars go further
  • ZInvest to enhance growth potential and stability
  • ZUse 401(k)s and IRAs to save for retirement
  • ZMake wise use of employer-provided benefits
  • ZReduce your tax liability with tax-advantaged strategies
  • ZAssess your retirement income needs and develop a plan
  • ZProtect yourself and your family from economic hardship
  • ZMake sound retirement plan distribution decisions
  • ZProvide for your family and heirs
  • ZPreserve your standard of living in retirement
Retirement Course
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